What You Need To Know on How to Care For a Dog

happy healthy dogGetting a dog is a life choice that you are unlikely to regret. Dogs are fun and can make the perfect companion for you. A recent research showed that dog owners are have numerous health benefits and even have low stress overall.

So getting a dog is definitely good for you. You must however learn to take care of that canine friend so that you can both be happy. Here is what you need to know on how to care for a dog,

Keep the dog healthy

You can never underestimate the power and enthusiasm of a healthy dog. Schedule regular visits to your local vet to ensure that your dog is illness free. Sometimes the symptoms may be quite subtle. Your vet will also give you useful information on vaccination schedules. If you notice anything off with your dog, don’t hesitate to visit your vet.

Food and Water

A well fed dog is a happy dog. Give your canine friend regular and quality diet. If you are not sure on how to feed your dog you can contact your vet and you will be sure to get the dietary recommendations. You should remember that dogs are not the same so your vet will give you advice according to breed, age and size. Water is also very essential and your dog should always be hydrated.

When the Red Ruff Inn Doggie Daycare, Boarding and Pet Hotel recently told me my dog was losing weight and was being fed 33% of his normal diet, I complained and made a fuss. They decided to just dump my dog off at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter while I was in Asia for 3 months! Talk about abuse by “dog professionals”!

Training your Dog

Your dog needs to learn to at least understand and follow simple commands. First, start with toilet training before you move on to obedience training. You certainly don’t want your dog doing his business on your carpet. Patience is crucial when you start training your dog. Remember to praise your pet when a task is successfully done. You can also enroll your dog to training classes which are usually quite effective. How well your dog follows instructions will contribute to their lifespan and safety.

Communicate with your dog

Any relationship that does not have communication will eventually die. Learn how to communicate with your dog. Spend loads of time together and do some fun activities. This will benefit both you and your dog. Learn what the dog likes and what it does not like. Although you can’t really use the same language you will come to realize that dogs are far much easier to understand than humans. As long as you have a good relationship with your dog you can rest assured that it will not engage in harmful behaviors.

Doggy Hygiene and Hazards

Keep your dog clean. It is not rare for a dog to have gum disease because of poor dental care. Ensure that you also groom your dog and trim its nails. Most parasites can be avoided by simply keeping your dog clean. Ensure that its living environment is also clean. Make sure that you also protect your dogs from hazards and the elements. Don’t be that kind of person who lets their dog suffer from extreme cold or heat while they are in the house unaffected by the elements.

There you have it. Follow these simple guidelines and you will be on your way to making your dog one of the happiest canines in the world. A happy dog will always translate to a happy owner. Have fun and learn as much as you can about the breed you have.

Know your area and potential customer base for a dog walking or sitting business

dog-kennelIf you are going for a vacation or trip for a few days or weeks, chances are you will not be leaving with your pet. So you will need a friend, neighbor or a member of your family to look after your best friend when you are away.

Your friend or neighbor will provide daycare assistance to your dog, feeding, training and spending time with him or her until when you will be back. Where possible, you can hire a professional to babysit your pet, providing all the necessities during the time when you are away.

Tips for dogs daycare businesses

If you are a business minded person, starting a dog daycare business is an excellent way to tap profits from many North Americans who keep dogs and cats at home. When you are undertaking this business, the following dogs’ daycare tips will come in handy. I will also include pet business ideas you can do from home.

Cleanliness: Be sure to know how to clean your dog kernels. While cleaning may depend on whether the dog is crate-trained or not, you should make sure the kernels are regularly cleaned and dusted. Additionally, the dog should also be cleaned, brushed and disinfected appropriately to keep him fresh and free from infections. Clean the indoor and outdoor runs as well.

Familiarize with the Kernel Area: Ask the dog owner to show you each section in which the pets are kept.

Security: Ask the dog keeper where the outdoor training area is located. Be sure the place is free from dirt and cemented. Most importantly, the outdoor runs should also be secured to ensure that the dog does not breakout or escape.

Treatment and vaccinations: Ask your client whether the dog has any ongoing vaccinations which may be required when he or she is away. Be sure to see proof of the required shots. If the dog is undergoing treatment, ensure you are familiar with what the dog is suffering from and if any form of special care will be needed when the owner will be away.

Temperatures: Ensure temperatures are maintained correctly. Avoid extreme temperatures such as too hot and too cold temperatures, which may be harmful to the pets. Provide warmth by offering him clean mats for resting. If it is too hot, ensure the kernel is located in a ventilated site.

Offensive odors: Ensure there is optimum aeration to allow fresh air into the kernel and bad smell to flow out. If you clean and aerate the kernel correctly, there will be no stinky smell in the house.

Dog business ideas

There are several other dog training ideas you can do from your home. Here are some easy dogs businesses from home you may consider;

– Dog bathing

– Dog massage therapy

– Dog walking

– Dog grooming

– Dog portrait business

– Pet food

– Pet Restaurant

– Veterinarians

– Dog supply store

– Dog training

By now, you should have an idea what a dog daycare business is all about. When you are going out on an excursion for a day or longer, look out for a vacation site for your dog as well. Ensure your dog enjoys his stay when you are away by providing him with his favorite toys and bedding. Be sure also to bid him a short bye, and don’t overstay!

How to Start a Dog Boarding Business from Home

start sitting dogs from home today for moneyDogs are intelligent and lovable creatures and are the most popular pets in most parts of the world. As much as we adore these furry friends, we cannot always be with them.

People must go to work daily and sometimes there is nobody at home to take care of the dog. Some dogs get used to it while others never do.

They may develop stress or health problems like obesity because they don’t get much exercise. Some dogs have chronic illnesses like diabetes which require regular medication during the day and thus cannot be left behind alone. Some dog owners also travel frequently and have to stay away from home for a while.

All these circumstances underline the need for dog boarding facilities.

If you are a lover of the tail- waggers, you will find it easier to start a dog boarding business. Just like in any other business, you need to have a passion. If you are irritated by barks or growls or you can’t stand the sight of dog pooh, this may not be the business for you because there will be plenty of those and more.

dog daycare and boarding from home

Here are the steps in starting a dog business from home:

1. Survey your neighborhood.
Even though official figures for dog ownership are high, it is not representative of every residential zone. As with any business, you need to set shop where there are many clients. The first step when considering this business should then be carrying out an informal survey on the number of homes that own dogs. You can do this by observing the number of people who walk dogs or the number of dogs at the park on weekends etc.

2. Do your research.
You do not have to be an animal specialist or have any professional training on animal husbandry but there are things that you must know. Consult a specialist or a veterinary officer on the facilities you require and mandatory skills that you require. You can choose to learn certain skills or just hire someone skilled for example on dog handling.

You may also find bringing in business challenging, even though you know there are people out there who need doggy daycare or boarding. This is where you can use Rover.com to start your doggy daycare or boarding business and get it up and making money immediately.

3. Consult local authorities before hand, know the laws.
Some residential areas are no pet zones or restrict certain kind of business activities. It is therefore imperative to consult the local authorities before starting this kind of business. If it is legal, you may require obtaining certain licenses in order to be allowed to operate.

4. Talk with the neighbors
A pack of dogs on your backyard is not a group of pious monks on meditation. They are bound to be noisy and mischievous and sometimes even rough. Talk to you neighbours before you start operating and find out their views to avoid litigation. The goal is to keep good terms with them and to address discomfort your business might bring the neighbourhood.

5. Start small, work up
There is no point of making a heavy investment in structures when you are not sure of number of customers. It is wise to invest in a few good structures with good facilities and grow as the number of customers grows. By doing this, you will find that you will keep the running costs low.

You can start by creating stalls and stables within rooms to maximize space for sleeping activities for dogs.

6. Benchmark with the best
Visit similar premises posing as a customer and learn best practices. Observe the services offered and the nature of the facilities. Try to match good services and eliminate what does not attract you.

7. Offer competitive pricing
Many business consultants advise starting at lower prices and gradually increasing the prices as the business becomes known. However, do no charge very low as it may lead to losses. Some customers might also think that your services are substandard.

Dog boarding business is easy to start as it is not necessarily capital intensive. It does not require much space and can be carried out in the backyard. You can charge an average of $ 20 to $25 per animal per day and if you keep the costs low, you can make a tidy sum of money without much effort.

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